What is this fan fiction you speak of..?

In 2008 two more nut bags fell face first in to the Twilight world. Soon after the same two nut bags found Twilight Fan fiction (FF). We wanted more of those Twi characters (when I say more we mean we wanted smut lol) So instead of discussing our favorite fics through text, 160 characters doesn't get you far, we decided to throw our fuckery on a blog. We read Fan Fiction like it’s our job, a fun guilty pleasure, so why not have more fun with it. Enjoy!

Mrs.Ficward (for her love of all Fanfiction-Edwards)

Where to begin… I was completely against reading Twilight because I assumed it was a book for teenage girls. When Eclipse was released I actually almost bought it. I didn’t realize it was part of a series and the description on the back looked interesting, but I had NO idea it was part of the “saga”.
Once the series was complete my mother decided to buy all the books. One fateful day I was bored and decided to pick up the first book and start reading. I read the first chapter at my mother’s house and was hooked. For the next 5 days I did nothing but take care of my son, go to work, and read the series.
While reading I just had to discuss the story with someone so I found a community online dedicated to talking about the books (you girlz know who you areJ). Because I was hella pissed about the FTB in BD I bitched and complained about my disappointment. My girlz offered me a solution to continue my obsession with the series… Fan Fiction. Now, I had heard of FF before, but most was Harry Potter fics that I just never felt the need to read. I mean WHO is going to try and do a better job than the amazing JKR?!?!? But when it came to Edward and Bella I was willing to give fic a try.
My first fic was The Untitled Continuation by gothicfanfiction. This story was an extension based 6 years later when Renesmee has reached full growth. I absolutely LOVED it. I asked for more recommendations, learned how to use the search function on fan fiction dot net and fell in to AH/AU fics. My first being The Office by tby789. Changed my LIFE. 130+ fics read and about 30 IP’s and here I am. Having read so many Robandi69 and I have decided to share our crazy discussions about the fics with all of you.
Just call us the Regis and Kelly of fics... We hope you enjoy, because we always have fun!!

Robandi69 (me & Rob's celeb name mushed together, preparing for the future)

One day I finished the Twilight Saga and was bitching about the Fade to Black in Breaking Dawn. After the hundreds of pages I read in 8 days ya would’ve thought we get more action, I mean damn the characters are married now! I know I know it’s a young adult novel, but still I have read more action than nothing in other YA books. Any who, a friend says check out Fan Fiction, it will "fill in the blanks". What is the fan fiction you speak of, a rewrite of the story without the box blocking? Werd Up, take me to this goodness now please. So that’s where my FF addition started. I read “Mine” by JenWordSong Edwards POV of the Honeymoon. Then I was introduced to "Wide Awake" by Angstgoddess003. At first I had to get use to the fact that was not the Edward & Bella that I read about in Twilight. It took me a few times to get into the story because a) they were both human, b)it was a very different world than the Twilight books, c) the characters were dark and troubled, and just different. But I soon fell in love and I started to seek out different stories, and holy Christ on a cracker did the recs start rolling in. I didn’t realize how many stories were out there. That was it; I was addicted to fan fiction. This was December 2008, with 28 stories read, 13 stories that I am currently reading and an ever growing to be read list, it is just ridiculous. So MrsFicward and I decided why not make a blog of our awesome FF discussions that we have daily through text. And here we are. Hope you enjoy are ramblings and obnoxiousness, cos we are two crazy bitches, with no lives and the love of Twilight Fan fiction.