A New Post?! Yes! Firefly In Summer- Breakdown

Hey Mrs. Ficward, remember that time you and I made a fan fic blog because, we read so much fanfic we needed a place to talk about it, rec it and such?
Ok its time to get back on it.  I hope it lasts this time.  Don't kill us if it dont.

The reason for this out of the blue post is because Mrs. Ficward and I have been reading this Fan Fic for a while now, you've may of heard of it: Firefly in Summer by primarycolors
We started this story together, it is a WIP, IP..what ever you want to call it.  It's not complete.
The author updates on the regular every week, so if your not reading get on this shit, stop reading this post because its it going to have SPOILERS!
Now if you are reading this story, you may or may not be confused as to what the hell is going on.
Yesterday, and for about the past 10-15 updates I've been confused, thought the story would sort itself out, but in reality I was not paying attention and grasping some of the important stuff.
I turned to my trusty fan fic girls and was all WTFbbq is going on in this dang story? They to were confused also, so we spent the rest of the day sorting the story out, and I think I got it! 
I totally made a bullet point guide to this story...yes I'm a fucking dork...sue me!


Firefly in Summer- Lets Break it on down....

Think of this story having 3.1 Edwards, and 2 Bellas. 
The time takes place in 2009 part 1 (Edward #1 & Bella #1)
Then 2004 part 2 (Edward #1.2 & Bella #2)
Then 2004-2009 part2 (Edward #2 & Bella #2) then (Edward #3 and Bella #2)

Chapters 1-15
Edward #1
Who is Edward #1?
• We meet him 2009 part 1 in chapter one
 Knows Emmett (lost contact w/ Emmett when left for college)
 Tanya is an Ex
 Worked in NY before moving to Summer side
 Sucky relationship w/ Dad
 Close relationship with Uncle
 Uncle Dies (Heart attack)
 Edward inherits Uncles bar in Summer side
• Meets Bella #1 (Broken Bella)
• Meets Dr. Shan (the time travel researcher)
• Loses Bella
**************Stop here if you haven't read past chapter 15*************
End of chapter 15-32
• Edward #1 Time Travels to 2004 for HIS 2nd time
• During this visit to 2004 he has ALL memories 2004-2009 part 1
• During this visit Edward makes changes in 2004 that effect Bella, Rose, & Emmett (maybe Uncle)
Time travel is Edward #1 aka #1.2 in 2004 pt2 has to get to know this Bella (Bella#2)
 Bella #2 is young, not Broken (Edward does not know this Bella)
 Bella#2 does NOT know this Edward
 Edward#1.2 explains to Bella their future, his time travel, and gets to know her
 Edward#1.2 contacts Dr. Shan (meets up w/ him in Co.)
 Edward is with Tanya—Dumps Tanya
 Edward #1.2 falls in love with Bella #2
 Bella #2 falls for Edward#1.2
• They have sex
• They learn that he needs to leave her and redo his time
• It will take her 5 years to meet Edward again Edward WILL NOT REMEMBER HER during this 5 year hiatus

• Edward#1.2 leaves Bella#2
• Edward #1.2 tells Uncle of the Sox, makes bet on his health
• Edward#1.2 had argument with Rose about leaving Bella
• Edward#1.2 Writes his self a letter about his own changes to make as he redoes 2004-2009 part 2
• Edward#1.2 removes any physical memories of Bella #1 & Bella#2
• Edward#1.2 goes to sleep

Edward #2 is now redoing 2004 (we the reader didnt read this Edward yet)
 Edward#2 is has no knowledge of time travel
 No Bella memory AT ALL
 He is redoing 2004 via the Letter

At the End of Chapter 32 we meet Edward#3
CORRECTION!!!  After tweeting with the author, I have to make a correction:
Edward#3 as ALL the memories, even the memory of meeting Young Bella.

Edward#3 (who is now a combo Edward 1 & 2)
• Edward#3 wakes up in 2009 part 2
• Edward#3 has 2 sets of memories : Edward#1 (see above) and Edward#2 (we the reader does not know Edward#2)
• Edward#3 remembers only Bella#1 (Broken Bella) AND Bella#2
Edward#3 does not remember anything of what Edward#1.2 did… no Co. No memory of Bella #2, falling for her, sex with her, Rose argument...none!

The Letter
If Edward#2 followed the letter that Edward #1.2 wrote (did what it said make the changes form 2004-2009 part 1) then Present Edward aka Edward #3 should have the following:
• He should be in Summer side right now writing
• Forgiven his father
• Will meet Bella…Bella#2 (around 22 y/o, not Broken, not the Bella#1 he knew)
* Edward #3 remembers Bella #2
• Bella #2 knows Edward #2

Will Edward #3 get all that he told himself he wanted per the letter?
Will Bella#2 come and find him?
What did Edward#2 do or not do to make these changes?

Does this help?  Am I missing anything?  Please chime in. 
I will perhaps update as the story goes on.