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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Summary: Up and coming movie star Edward Cullen has a life-changing encounter at the premiere of his latest film. What will it mean for his career and for the women in his life? AH AU OOC. Rated M for language, content and adult situations.

Love Brit Lit? Love Brit FF? Yes, but they are hard to come by. That's why when this story was rec'd by SQIcedragon via Twitter I was stoked to find that this story "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" by afoolishmortal was in fact a Brit Lit Fan Fiction.

This story is IP but its updated regularly.

British MovieStarWard is the it boy. Many Rumors are floating around that he is dating his American costar Rosalie Hale; is it true? Only the "couple" and the people close to them know. Only the people closest to Edward Cullen know where his heart lay. You will also be introduced to MovieStar Emmett, Music Man Marcus , Alice, to name a few. Then there is BritishBella and her bff Angela, what will happen when they vacation in the states for a few weeks? You will have to read to find out. I am loving this story thus far, I can't wait to see where it goes and who will hook up or not.

At the beginning of each chapter, you will find a passage of "gossip" about the stars on what they are "doing". This totally reminds me of the Robsten/Nonsten gossip us Rob and KbeefStew fans read about on twitter daily.

Check it out it's a fun story and you will like this E&B and Marcus is a cool cat.

Mrs.Ficward: So I totes sent out my reports late in order to read the chapter. I may be spoken to tomorrow. Opps
Robandi69: Damn FF, we can't help it, its crack!
Mrs.Ficward: I know dude... it's really an addiction.
Robandi69: as soon as I heard that EP was updated I raced home like I owned a jet pack
Mrs.Ficward: Bahahahaha I am really sad. Isabella had it ROUGH
Robandi69: poor baby my heart hurt reading that
Mrs.Ficward: It seemed like Carlisle was really looking out for her. Or for the interest of the borgata.
Mrs.Ficward: Ugh when she went to the airport my heart broke.
Robandi69: Yes, I agree, plus I felt some love there too, when he was talking to Jasper
Mrs.Ficward: Me too... I think he has accepted her as family. It came out easily when that Agent dude was harassing her and he called her family. He meant it.
Robandi69: yes! That made me gooey inside! And the fact that she reminds him of his wife helps matters
Mrs.Ficward: I noticed a parallel from this story and the books. In both Bella and Edward were apart longer than they were together after the separation.
Mrs.Ficward: I think that's a first for EP
Robandi69: it was sad reading that part, it made me upset, as you may have noticed when I texted ya
Mrs.Ficward: I did... our support system is fuckawesome lol
Mrs.Ficward: So what do we think of Emily?
Robandi69: and they are both broken for each other but thinks the other is living their life w/o a broken heart as in Twilight
Robandi69: Emily cracked my shit up, but she seems shallow to me but seems like she would have B's back
Mrs.Ficward: Verra true. I think this was a BIG mistake. I want to slap Mafiaprinceward
Mrs.Ficward: I think she's a cop... Or just a really stupid idiot. I also think she's toast after all the questioning. She's gonna call the cops, if she isn't one that is.
Robandi69: she reminded me of a likable Paris Hilton
Mrs.Ficward: Alec was way too calm. He is always calm in those kinds of situation and then he takes people out. He freaks when he's around the people he loves and trusts.
Robandi69: and I feel that Emily is a goner
Mrs.Ficward: Yeah she was a spoiled brat. Which makes me not understand why she was in art school and bumming a ride off Isabella?
Mrs.Ficward: She had a Mercedes but wanted to ride in the Volvo she hated and complained about.
Robandi69: I mean why did Emily want to be all in B's grill all of a sudden after she met Alec aka DILF
Mrs.Ficward: LOL @ DILF... that shit was funny.
Robandi69: maybe because she was drinking? And awwww B has to get rid of the Volvo :o(
Robandi69: this shit is fucking sad a hell, I want some HAPPY
Robandi69: oh oh oh and the painting DID come from B
Mrs.Ficward: Honestly Isabella was wicked calm about the whole thing so there was no reason for Emily to be flipping out. That's why I think it was suspicious... all of the sudden she has all these questions.
Mrs.Ficward: I KNOW! I was so torn between happy and sad about that fucking picture.
Robandi69: yes! I agree, and while reading it was telling Emily to STFU girl, just STFU now!
Robandi69: AND what about Chelsea the little girl what is up with that?
Mrs.Ficward: I was thinking about Chelsea for a while. I feel like all this stuff was planted around Isabella to make her compassionate towards the people and new surroundings so she would open up to them and tell them her secrets.
Mrs.Ficward: Chelsea could have just been a fluke... but Emily is suspect and so is Seth.
Robandi69: once again, I have NO predictions! None
Mrs.Ficward: I was sooooo scared Alec was gonna cap Seth right in front of Bella
Robandi69: bahahaha he so was! lol that was messed up!
Mrs.Ficward: The only thing I got is that Alec knows shit is shady and he will be taking Bella back with him. I just don't see him actually letting Bella stay in a house that was broken into.
Robandi69: Also, I knew that it was B that called Alec when he was with E, I knew it!
Mrs.Ficward: Yes, you called it! I was completely wrong on WHY she called him though. I'm never right
Robandi69: I think that when Alec calls her in the morning she is going to go with him because of the Emily questions
Robandi69: it is a private plane too she can hop right on
Mrs.Ficward: Alec doesn't trust ANYONE so I really, really don't think he is comfortable with this whole situation
Robandi69: I wonder who it was in her house
Mrs.Ficward: I was thinking it might be that fucker with the scar on his face but he was at the bachelor party... so I'm thinking an agent
Mrs.Ficward: I don't understand why the agent dude is so interested in Bella.
Robandi69: yeah the agent
Robandi69: I think he wants Bella to turn on the Cullen's...but little does "Joe" know she ain't gonna do it knowingly!
Mrs.Ficward: It has something to do with her citizenship... but I don't see him wanting to deport her or anything so what is it?
Robandi69: so I am thinking that they don't have too much on Carlizzle for a case
Mrs.Ficward: She won't do it period... she will NOT give shit away. She's too smart
Mrs.Ficward: Yeah they must be trying to get him for human trafficking
Robandi69: Also, no wonder Edward can't find her with her last name being different now
Robandi69: well we know she don't keep a journal any longer :o(
Mrs.Ficward: Yup. But that last name was so obviously a name the feds would look up first. I bet they've known where she's been the whole time
Robandi69: what about that letter she wrote and never sent out I hope she burnt it
Mrs.Ficward: So... no predictions. I have no fucking clue where this is going... I'm just speculating but I don't really believe any of it.
Robandi69: Yes Cali and everyone there is Slim Shady to me.....gimmie MOHAR
Mrs.Ficward: I doubt she had anything incriminating in it anyway. She is so scared to mess up that she is wicked careful
Mrs.Ficward: Can I have the next update please lol
Robandi69: well Khar said the end is written she just needs to do the chapters
Robandi69: so sad its almost over :o((
Mrs.Ficward: Me too... yet so happy because I need to know how this turns out!
Robandi69: until next time! Peace out chuckers
Mrs.Ficward: Laters