Mrs.Ficward: Ok... HA??
Robandi69: Ditto Ditto Ditto!!!!
Robandi69: Ok Christ it was an EPIC FF DAY!
Mrs.Ficward: It was like Christmas
Robandi69: they finally has SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Mrs.Ficward: YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs.Ficward: It was so sweet too. Perfect IMO
Robandi69: I love drunk Bella, I hope you loved her to because form what I hear I am just like her drunk haa haa
Robandi69: I loved their first time
Robandi69: and I loved that Edward never gave a Hotpocket facetime before Bella haa haa
Mrs.Ficward: I honestly did not think that was going to happen this chapter... the whole chapter was setting us up for it NOT to happen. But EBT luffs us and got dem laaaaaiiiiiid
Robandi69: I didn't think it was gonna happen either
Mrs.Ficward: Drunk Bella was fucking HILLARIOUS
Robandi69: Beaver
Mrs.Ficward: bahahahahahaha
Robandi69: love the captain hat
Mrs.Ficward: look these flowers look like vaginas.... pussypussypussypussy
Mrs.Ficward: pussy
Robandi69: OMG I DIED reading that
Mrs.Ficward: me too! that was the best visual.
Robandi69: loved Edwards inner thoughts..."I love this girl but I want to throw her out of the car" lol
Mrs.Ficward: I love the little note at the end of the chapter about how it is illegal to "embrace" while operating a motor vehicle. You know, you really learn something new every day
Robandi69: Edward's OCDness crack my shit up
Mrs.Ficward: Me too! Why did he put her underwear in the fucking glove box? You know his dads gonna find that and think they fucked in the car
Robandi69: so I take is smexing while driving is illegal? bahahaha
Robandi69: are the underwear still in the glove box?
Mrs.Ficward: I think they did that to basically say no road head in Washington
Mrs.Ficward: I think so...
Robandi69: his dad was telling him to bang!
Mrs.Ficward: so remember kids no ::signs:: head while I'm drivin... I'm drivin :: in Washington
Robandi69: they were so sweet, I have no predictions for HA though what else is gonna happen? Am I going to regret asking this
Robandi69: PS Roadhead is verra uncomfortable!
Mrs.Ficward: There is only five chapters and a split epi left. it seems there will be one more angsty situation then off into the sunset for these two
Robandi69: so is roadriding it caused bruising
Mrs.Ficward: bahahahahaha!!!!! Road head is FAIL... no one benefits
Robandi69: um yes well we have a baby to be born, Charlie to sell the house
Mrs.Ficward: Esme must be due really soon. I bet that's in the next few chapters
Robandi69: yes. and what about Edwards's dad..weren't they going to NY then Cali for the summer?
Mrs.Ficward: The next angsty thing is gonna have to be Charlie selling the house and Bella going to a new school
Robandi69: no! I hope not! ::o(
Robandi69: she can move in with Alice
Mrs.Ficward: Renee would say yes but Charlie will fo sho say HELLZ to tha NAAAAH
Mrs.Ficward: Unless for some reason they make her move back to Cali
Robandi69: that's gonna fucking SUCK
Robandi69: I hope not!!! I want them happy I don't care if the story end here
Mrs.Ficward: OH maybe that's it! We haven't had any backlash from her Cali assholes... maybe they step in at some point and cause a bit o trubs
Mrs.Ficward: I would be happy if it ended here too... we have a little more time.
Robandi69: Edward did talk about her incident in Cali again
Mrs.Ficward: All the epic stories are ending :-(
Robandi69: I am so sad! I need me an EPIC story!
Mrs.Ficward: What did he say? I must'a missed that
Robandi69: Good thing we still have Hockeyward
Mrs.Ficward: Dude Hockeyward saved my sanity today. If I didn't have that to read after EP hf I wouldn't jumped out my office window.
Robandi69: Edward was thinking that Bella was more insecure then she let on due to the incident in Cali that he knows that he don't know ALL of the details and how much it really hurt her
Robandi69: IK Me too @hockeyward @snarkella Saved me from EP depression
Mrs.Ficward: Oh yes! I remember now. That must be setting us up for her stuff to come in to the picture.
Mrs.Ficward: Dude she has all the Cullen boys, Rosalie, and Alice. They will tear shit UP if peeps be messin with B
Robandi69: Oh I loved Angela drunk and then the next morning checking out Edwards "decorated body" lol
Mrs.Ficward: No one can resist a bare-chested Edward... all those painted on abs and whatnot ;-)
Robandi69: Dear MrsFicward I love Fanfiction more then I should. xox me
Mrs.Ficward: Dear Robandi... I canna help you. I am just as bad. ~motorboats~ MrsF
Robandi69: so I take it we can wrap this up.
Mrs.Ficward: Yeah I think we're good. Until next time peeps... Keep ya head up :-)
Robandi69: Laters ::fistbump::

I can't even think of anything remotely witty or interesting to say, as this sad day has drained my completely.

Robandi69: I'm going to make it feel better! Don't worry your sweet little face!
Mrs.Ficward: Dude it HURTS!
Robandi69: Let me paint you a picture:
Mrs.Ficward: Paint'it
Robandi69: Robandi on the back porch hand over mouth, Husband walks in
Robandi69: H: What wrong (concerned look on his face) Me: HE LEFT HE LEFT OMG HE LEFT
Robandi69: H: Who Left...ME: Edward Left Bella....H: It will be ok ME You don't understand I've been reading this fic for a YEAR
Robandi69: End Scene

Mrs.Ficward: For realz... this hurts the WORST of any fic I read.
Robandi69: Like big time honey
Mrs.Ficward: I think Carlizzle is our only hope
Robandi69: He is gonna take that motherfucker DOWN I KNOW IT!
Robandi69: his blessing at dinner
Robandi69: his questions for Isabella in the car
Mrs.Ficward: OMG What Alec said during the blessing! That shit was deep. I was like shiiiiiit there is something going down. Who the FUCK is this guy with the scar on his face?
Mrs.Ficward: Edward has no idea.
Robandi69: Scarface is the one who Killed Elizabeth
Robandi69: I think Aro had Eliz killed. I know it
Mrs.Ficward: I know... and from what Edward said he runs the Swan's old casino... so that means he runs ISABELLA's casino!
Mrs.Ficward: ITA
Mrs.Ficward: It was Aro for sure
Robandi69: FUCKMERUNNING I forgot Bella got the casinos!!!!!
Mrs.Ficward: She got it ALL dude!
Mrs.Ficward: Ok please explain to me where the fuck they were going at the end? To Jaspers house?
Robandi69: shit fuck damn.....she is gonna roll with this she WILL NOT SIT BACK
Mrs.Ficward: Did I miss something huge... it's possible cuz I could barely see through the tears.
Robandi69: Ok the only thing I am worried about is the time jump it will be a few YEARS Until Edward & Bella get back together
Robandi69: Edward left her with no connections to him so that Aro could not get to her
Mrs.Ficward: I know... and the thought of him fucking all the Mafiosi h00rs pisses be the fuck OFF
Mrs.Ficward: because you know Isabella will NEVER even go on a goddamn date
Robandi69: He is not going to bang anyone I believe Edward will wait to see what Carlizzle is going to do he KNOWS something is up
Robandi69: Bella is going to get her man back
Mrs.Ficward: Maybe we're missing something... maybe Dr C told Edward that shit so he would get her as far away from the "family" as possible
Mrs.Ficward: It will be weird with Edward living in his old house all by himself.
Robandi69: Yes so Carlizzle can do his thing and Bella will be safer not with Edward
Mrs.Ficward: Emmett and Rose killed me... with the simple "keep in touch" crap. I thought she was like a sister blech... it was cold
Mrs.Ficward: I feel like she is all alone
Robandi69: I don't blame Edward for what he did
Robandi69: He had to he wouldn't of left her if he talk to her face
Robandi69: I mean Alec had to carry him out of the door!
Mrs.Ficward: Jasper pissed me the fuck off too... he was so non-chalent about the whole thing
Robandi69: But I think there is a big plan something EPIC will happen and they WILL be back together
Robandi69: I think that I am the only one that was not pissed off at this chapter lol
Mrs.Ficward: They have to be... because it hurts... and it ain't right.
Mrs.Ficward: I was pissed at Jasper... the rest just made me hella sad.
Robandi69: I told Husband that if they are not together I would bash my fucking laptop, he said please don't do that LOL
Mrs.Ficward: I was DYING not being able to text you dude
Robandi69: I know girl I was texting you little snippetts as I was reading cos I was afraid to move on
Mrs.Ficward: lmao!! I didn't want to spoil it so I just didn't respond… I had twitchy fingers let me tell you. yes please don't kill your computer. I will have no one to talk to anymore.
Mrs.Ficward: ok... so final thought on EP cuz I just can't talk about it anymore... the wound is still fresh.
Robandi69: So something else I think Bella will try to use her mafia linkage some how
Robandi69: Final Thoughts...please don't let them be apart for years PLEASE I am BEGGING
Mrs.Ficward: My thought... Please Edward come back to your girl. Isabella stay strong lovely you will be ok. Carlizzle better TAKE THOSE FUCKERS DOWN!!!