Robandi69's Q&A


Mrs.Ficward: So you read my ah-mazing interview of why I got addicted to the fic... so here is Robandi69's turn. #robandi69 and I have been dealin' and partaking the fic-crack together for quite some time and are constantly texting, tweeting, and chatzying about our favorite (and not so favorite) stories since... forever.
Mrs.Ficward: Lemme know when you're done smokin', chick :-)
Robandi69: I'm herererer HOLLAAAAAAA
Mrs.Ficward: You ready for this shiz, bb?
Mrs.Ficward: Ok... let's start simple... First fic and why'd ya like it?
Robandi69: ok I think so I'm so excited I'm drunk
Robandi69: First fic was a quick one shot of the missing FTB on the Honeymoon it was hot. However, my first real story was Wide Awake
Mrs.Ficward: I will edit your fucked up typage lol
Mrs.Ficward: So... you're stuck on a desert island and can only get two updates. Which two do you choose?
Robandi69: easy! EP anddddd Hockeyward a great mix of Drama and Funny aka monster cock
Mrs.Ficward: Fucktastic choices!
Mrs.Ficward: Okay... you get to interview one FF Edward and one Bella..., which do you, choose and what would you ask them?
Robandi69: These questions are fuckin awesome: this is HARD...Edward CWIA and I would ask him about it cock ring and if he'd fuck me with it. Bella in INKED cos she was wicked awesome, she like fun music and was a stoner chick, tatt whore, what would I ask her? How the fuck she got off while getting a tatt like that
Mrs.Ficward: LMAO!!! And you know what, you would absolutely ask those questions lol!
Mrs.Ficward: Is there a song you ever hear or think about that makes you think about a fic?
Robandi69: Yes there are a lot: 18th Bloor Balcony-EP Cross Fade- TEF That Dave Mathews song- Seducing Edward, Fix You- HtSaL Bad Girlfriend- Inked, was it The Whisper Song when they did that hot dance in TEF?,
Robandi69: TEF provided me will many songs on my IPod
Mrs.Ficward: I'm stealing this from a question you asked me... favorite lemon.
Robandi69: Ok this is hard as a mutha fucka (that's what she said) there are so many lemons that I love. Especially when Bella is thrown up against something or when they do it from behind. But I will say one of the hottest was the Super bowl Bang from the Sub/Dom I love INKED Lemons cos it seemed like something I would do and of course The Office cos it was my first Real Deal Lemons I got. Let's not forget the "Face time: in Open Mic Night
Mrs.Ficward: ::zones out:: oh shit sorry... just remember those mahself! goooood choices!
Mrs.Ficward: Besides EP and HA... what story are you in love with right now and why?
Robandi69: I am in love with MoBS because HH is the SHIT! I love a funny fic big time and I can get enough of Snarky Bella and the Monster Cock. I love Wednesdays. I also love Swirl & Daisy cos they are cute as fuck along with this little Indy fic called The Sound of Your Voice, TB&TC, Jadedandboring's Fic KRM and TMHiT... oh my I could go on and on Ima reading about 35 IP's
Mrs.Ficward: I think you did it again... I haven't read The Sound of your voice ::gasp:: adds to list!
Robandi69: OMG! TSoYV is Heart Breaking with every single character and Edward is deaf suddenly and is sweet and you WILL CRY
Mrs.Ficward: Oh shit... what are you doing to me dude you know I will really shed a fuckton of tears at the drop of a hat ::coughthebestmancough::
Mrs.Ficward: Ok last question and it's a 3 part-er...
Robandi69: pussy
Mrs.Ficward: You can choose one fic to be published into a book and one that will be made into a movie and one to be made into a TV series. Which would you choose for those categories? AND what would you change E&B's names to?
Mrs.Ficward: lol I know I know I'm a crier what can I say
Robandi69: lol you are a crier and I am a cold-hearted bitch LOL j/k
Mrs.Ficward: you almost cried reading The Best Man... don't even fucking lie dude!
Robandi69: I DID cry at BM I will admit that
Robandi69: TV Series would have to EP their names would be Carmine and Mandi
Mrs.Ficward: love it! I would choose EP too... that's what I was thinking about when I came up with that question. But I would name him Sean and keep her Isabella.
Robandi69: Book- MoTU - their names would be Masen and Kyle (yes that's a girl name)
Mrs.Ficward: oooooo I like Kyle for her!
Robandi69: Movie- The Office!!!!!!
Robandi69: Names Robert and Nicole
Mrs.Ficward: I can see that... names are perfect too. We should push for this :-)
Robandi69: LOL love the names haa haa
Mrs.Ficward: I lied... I have another question. TO Move... who plays "Robert and Nicole" and EP series who plays "Carmine and Mandi". And you can only pick Bert to play ONE of the males. No butch leave her out of this shit
Mrs.Ficward: *TO movie... not move
Robandi69: lol love how there is no Butch in this shit! OK
Mrs.Ficward: there's no need for her... she does the same shit in every role she plays I need someone who can play DIFFERENT characters lol
Robandi69: Me and Rob will play Robert & Nicole in The Office (cos I have became an actress over night)
Mrs.Ficward: of course... you could pull off the Beautiful Bitch dahlin!
Robandi69: Carmine and Mandi will be Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Mrs.Ficward: I mean that in a completely complementary way :-)
Mrs.Ficward: LMAO!!!! so Justin Bieber is gonna be sexin up all the girls at Forks high.... oooookay
Robandi69: and then we have Masen & Kyle as Henry Cavill and this hot chick I know named Aide
Robandi69: LOL we would have to have Justin be a little more Hard core
Mrs.Ficward: Sweeeeeet! I would SOOOOOO be his sub!
Robandi69: and Henry would be a HOT ass Fifty
Mrs.Ficward: You would transform the Beebs career that's for damn sure.
Mrs.Ficward: Well... that's all I got. You are awesome and have impeccable taste in you fiction... of both the fan and published Lit persuasion.
Robandi69: I learn form the best *coughMrsFicwardcough* Thanks for having me up in dis bitch
Mrs.Ficward: Laters babies ;-)

EP Update

Here we go again. EP was posted in the middle of a Tuesday and had us all over the emo radar.

If you don't know that we're spoiling this shit for you by now then you only have yourself to blame.
Now go forth, read our wise fuckery.

Robandi69: I'm hererererere
MrsFicward: I am so fucking sad right now... I just don't even know what to think
Robandi69: What a fucking heartbreaking chapter that was!
MrsFicward: I was soooo off the whole goddamn time.
Robandi69: This story is such a mystery to me still even after all this time.
Robandi69: Aro making E watch all the dirty shit go down, making the boy beat the fuck out of his father!
MrsFicward: That was CRUEL. Aro was totes showing him that he would mos def make Edward take out his family.
Robandi69: So Edward had Isabella's notebook
Robandi69: That address is still in it...that might come up later and that will be bad
MrsFicward: The notebook is a BIG fucking deal. How would they both see that fucking guy.... it's too much of a coincidence
Robandi69: To much of a coincidence I will call him Scarface, wtf is going on there?!?!?!?
MrsFicward: As far as the pic is concerned, I think it was Aro who put the hit out on Elizabeth
MrsFicward: I think he knew about Renee and Isabella and left them there to rot.
MrsFicward: He wouldn't have been able to get past the fact that they were now slaves and that's all they knew.
Robandi69: Yes, I believe that too, and I believe that Aro knows who Bella is and he is sooo fucking with that whole fucking family
MrsFicward: Yup. There isn't even a word to describe how foul that man is.
Robandi69: It's disgusting! He does NOTHING but gives out orders and takes money
MrsFicward: Isabella has really gone back into slave mode a bit.
Robandi69: Edward is depressed
Robandi69: I feel for him he is stuck in a hard spot
MrsFicward: You're right.
MrsFicward: True true
MrsFicward: At least he isn't being as bad as he was during the prom.
Robandi69: Who do you really think Carlizzle was talking to on the phone?
MrsFicward: Alec?
Robandi69: I want to stick with my theory that Carlizzle is gonna take Aro down
MrsFicward: I hope fucking so!!!
Robandi69: Something's got to give
Robandi69: Edward can just leave Bella he CAN'T
MrsFicward: I won't be able to handle it.
MrsFicward: Maybe he will narc on Aro
Robandi69: Edward HATES the Mafia big time
MrsFicward: Dude my heart is breaking already.
Robandi69: I think he was talking to Jasper. So he can keep Bella on the other side of the US when he returns to ChiTown
MrsFicward: Me too. I want it to be Emmett so she can be closer to Edward, but I am sure I'm wrong
Robandi69: I want the same thing girl!!!
MrsFicward: I don't understand what the fucking point of that would be. So she can go to school?
Robandi69: I hope Bella don't go looking at that address in her notebook
Robandi69: even though he wrote it down wrong
MrsFicward: I am just as confused as ever.
Robandi69: Bella having that journal of Elizabeth's that has to do something for her
MrsFicward: I really can't make any predictions because I have about a million and they're all wrong.
Robandi69: and the fact that the story is going to end soon...we think...I hope not LOL
Robandi69: I really have no predictions
MrsFicward: I don't want it to end either... but I need to know what's going to happen. I just can't take it anymore. My heart is breaking right now. I'm not even kidding.
MrsFicward: I also risked getting fired today to read the update. Keep your fingers crossed.
MrsFicward: My boss was walking down the aisle while I was highlighting the text. The mission impossible music was really playing in my head as I pasted into word and then minimized.
Robandi69: Dear Khar, if I cried, there would be tears streaming down my face at the thought of E&B breaking up. PLEASE don't do that PLEASEEEEEEE xoxo Robandi
MrsFicward: Amen sistah.
Robandi69: Bahahaha!!!!! No shit, luckily I was home so I got to read it but the kids were all Hey mom hey mom I was like whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt its EP I need to hide
MrsFicward: PSshhhh don't they KNOW!!!
Robandi69: OK to wrap this up...E hates the spot that he is in
Robandi69: E and B are drifting apart
Robandi69: E may have to leave B
MrsFicward: E is once again going to make a decision for the both of them without B's input
MrsFicward: I hope to Gawd she fights him on it.
Robandi69: Aro is cock sucking stupidest dirty no good muther fucking fuck fuck fuck
MrsFicward: fucker
Robandi69: We hope Carlizzle has a plan to free them all
MrsFicward: Carlizzle is in on some shit that we have no clue about
MrsFicward: Afuckinmen!
Robandi69: Edward finally now after all this time he is going to listen to Dad...a little too late
MrsFicward: Emmett was awesome in this chapter. "Oh you're not the pizza guy" thank the good lawd for his comic relief
MrsFicward: Hold
Robandi69: and I wanted to CRY when Isabella said "If you're not free, then I am not free" OMG TEARSSSSSS
MrsFicward: Ok so Edward was talking about all this destiny mumbo jumbo and how Isabella was meant to be free and Edward was meant to join the mafia... but they were also MEANT TO BE TOGETHER! Why is he ignoring that?
Robandi69: but he is thinking :if you love something set it free"
MrsFicward: That line right there! That is what I mean. They belong together! There is no her without him is what she was telling him!
MrsFicward: She is telling him that when she says if he isn't free than neither is she
Robandi69: he is a hard headed stubborn asswhipe it gonna take him 4545646 chapters to figure that out
Robandi69: or after he leaves her, he will figure it out
MrsFicward: I mean she will be all alone. She isn't going to date and she is going to be so fucking sad.
Robandi69: My heart hurts I am sooooooo scared for the next chapter
MrsFicward: Honestly, I can't even begin to imagine her trying to be intimate with someone else. She would cry the entire time.
Robandi69: she won't go to anyone else
MrsFicward: I know that isn't everything but if he really just lets her go, she might do that.
Robandi69: the only other friend she had is dead (Jacob)
MrsFicward: so he is damning her to a life of being ALL ALONE!
MrsFicward: she wants a family. Lots of kids is her DREAM
MrsFicward: he's taking that away from her.
Robandi69: I really need a HEA like big time or I will punch myself in the face
MrsFicward: I'm srsly misty right now... Claire Danes quivering chin happening at this very moment.
Robandi69: Bella won't let him give up that easy!!!!
MrsFicward: I hope you're right, Robandi. I hope you're right.
MrsFicward: We are way too invested in these two.
Robandi69: Maybe come to find out that since Bella is a PrincessMafia she will be the BOSS lol
Robandi69: that would be fuck awesome
MrsFicward: That would be fucking amazing!
MrsFicward: She would just shut the whole operation down.
Robandi69: YES!!!!!!!!!!
Robandi69: we are so smart LOL
MrsFicward: Why is Aro the boss when Carlisle was the next Cullen?
Robandi69: yeah-good Question who the fuck is Aro?
MrsFicward: I don't know if that was ever explained. He must have been in the organization longer.
Robandi69: I might have to ask Khar that...hummmmm
MrsFicward: Dude we're going to have to see this fucking breakup from Isabella's POV. That is going to be the WORST!
Robandi69: ok I'm done here you??
MrsFicward: Yeah I can't even think about it anymore... it hurts too much.
Robandi69: I don't want to think about that!! no no no noi
MrsFicward: Until next time chicklets
Robandi69: now let me go try to cry…

Gather around children; listen to my pimpage on the magical Hump Day FF Pimp Day. Today we are going to discuss the letters HtSaL. How to Save a Life
by unholy.obsession

 I found this story while on Twitter Angstgoddess003 tweeted about it with link so of course my grubby little clicky finger saw FF and clicked away like the true FFcrackHead that I am. I started reading, and I could NOT stop. The story was almost complete while was enjoying it. (It is complete now) but like Wide Awake, EP, and The Office I could not stop until I fell asleep on my laptop. My cheek did not enjoy the squares form my keyboard imprinted in them. Sorry cheeks. Since none of FF biddies have read this, I needed someone to discuss this with so I pimped it out on my twitter, through my message board, via text and email. I needed someone to read it with me. Of course the awesome friends I have read along with me, then thanked me for the awesomeness that is HtSaL.

Angst. Heartbreak. Heart fails. Tears. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Love. Compassion. Determantion. Pity. Hatred. Stabby. Shaky. Hope. Joy. Forgiveness. Fear. Yes those are just a few of the things I felt while reading this tale of two lost high school kids. Without giving spoilers away let me paint you a picture. Edward Cullen: Star Football player, popular, awesome relationship with his sister Alice, a pretty and popular girlfriend, awesome guy friends and a great future ahead of him. Bella Swan: New girl from Arizona, smart, pretty, positive, although she keeps to herself she is quick to help out her new friends, but what we don't know is her secret about her family's past and present that can bring her down. When Bella meets Edward, he is none of those things described above. He is withdrawn, high, mean, and hardly shows up or puts any effort to his classes or his life. Of course, this intrigues Bella to find out more. When she does is it more than she can handle? Do the pair have more in common then they both realize? Can they help each other through the pain, or will they hurt one another? I was not really in the mood for a sad angst filled fic at the time, but really when are you in the mood for that? But once I stared I lit-tra-lee could not stop. The story line was so believable, not very predictable, and it kept you moving along wanting more more more! I've been reading FF for a long time; I have read all kinds of different stories but this by far is one my top favorites. Unholy. obsession can have you loving Edward and wanting to help him or hug him one second, then wanting the shake the shit out of him for his douchebaggery another second. Same with Bella, although I loved her most of the story there was a point I wanted to yell in her face, quit being twatwaffle and do this shit girl!!! The story progress nicely, there was not stupid filler chapters it was to the point. The ending was nice, I really enjoyed it. And we get 3 epilogues. I know that an epilogue can make or break a story and let me tell you this did not disappoint.
So what did we learn today class? GO READ HOW TO SAVE A LIF STORY STAT! Let me know your thoughts! PS. The playlist for this story is pretty fucking sweet too!

Robandi69 signing off!

As you may know by now Mrs.Ficward and I have random FF convos at any given time. This day was not any different, we think of something and have to share it with each other immanently! The funny fucking thing about this we think Khar was totes reading our minds!

This post contains **SPOILERS** for the EP current chapter and outtake.
Random EP convos: this is how we roll:
Saturday May 8th 1:56 pm
I am on my way to a Phillies game.
MF: I know you’re at the game but I was just thinking..I wonder if they will tell Emmett Stephan was his father? Oh but I think only Bella knows at this point.RB: I'm not at the game yet. But shit text me anyways lol. Yes I thought about that as well do you think Carlizzle knows?
RB: Dude watch The Hangover tonight! If not we can watch it together. (Yes that was an ADD turrets moment)
MF: Not sure if Carlizzle knows, but I think not.RB: Yeah knowing him [Carlizzle] he wouldn’t have taken Emmett in.
MF: Its weird to me to think he wouldn’t have done all the background shit that he did to BellaRB: I know but then again Elizabeth was volunteering at the rape canter.
MF: He [Carlizzle] would do anything for her. [Elizabeth]. I bet he knows and just doesn’t care.RB: I love Carliz and Eliz I would like a prequel of them, or a one shot or something
MF: The is a one-shot of them..I think. If there isn't that is an awesome idea.RB: Well if Khar does the Fandom Gives Back, we should suggest it.
MF: Good Idea

Well low and behold I think that Khar read our minds, because 2 days later she posted a an Elizabeth outtake one shot for the FGB!
While reading I knew a lot of the information because of Carlizzle's point of view earlier in EP. But this give more details. It shows how Elizabeth falls in love with wee Bella, how she tried to free her. There is also interaction with Edward and his mama, all leading up to the end of her life. It was sad of course, but it was nice to have a different point of view. It shows us why Lizzy was so adamant on freeing Bella, and how Carlizzle comes to get Bella per his dead wife's wishes. This is perfect for the EP fan!
This is Robandi singing off. Check ya laters Chuckers!

The Kubler Ross Model by Jadedandboring

Mrs.Ficward Let me paint a picture for you here… It's 2:16 am on a Tuesday morning. I can't get to sleep. I say to myself "Self, let's start a new fic." Good idea. I look through my handy dandy excel spreadsheet that Robandi convinced was necessary (she was completely fucking right, BTW) and see that I still haven't started The Kubler Ross Model. Shame on me. You see, I have read several of this authors stories. I read Home Run and loved it. Read Worthy of Trust and Confidence… again LOVED it. Even started a campaign begging her for EPOV of this oneshot; which she graciously delivered. So why the fuck haven't I read her The Kubler Ross Model yet? Because it's angsty and I'm skerrd. I know I know… I have read angst before. Fuck, I love me some angst. However, I know that Jadedandboring is a really great writer and she is going to make me weep like a baby. I was absolutely right in my assumption. 

 The Kubler Ross Model (do you get it yet? It's called The.Kubler.Ross.Model ;-) starts off as EPOV, but is basically all Bella. The love of her life passes away from cancer and the story starts with Bella giving his Eulogy. Sad, right? You really have NO idea. It is fucking HEARTBREAKING! I swear I don't know how J&B continued writing the story after the goddamn saddest eulogy I have ever heard. My initial thought was that I am just as much in love with Dexter Matthew as Bella is. He is the sweetest man and loves her with all his heart. This makes the story that much fucking sadder. You get a glimpse into their relationship with each chapter, as Bella is grieving. You grieve right alone with her. 

This is a Bella/Edward fic, so you also get a look into Edward's life and how he has come into Bella's. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since they met at the funeral. Now he isn't a hearse chaser or anything, there is just this pull towards her. I half believe it's Dex sending someone for Bella to lean on, because lawd knows she ain't leaning on anyone else. I'm not going to spoil the whole thing, because honestly I have no idea how to write a review and not spoil the entire fucking story for you. 

So I'm leaving you with this… GO.READ.IT! Then… Go readTie Me Here In Time (IP)… cuz that is what I will be doing at work today, instead of my month end analysis :-O 

 Robandi69:  This story is very short at only 7 short chapters, but really it's enough because Jaded gives us all we need in what is provided. Bella & Dexter are BFFs since birth, and then they become romantically involved the last 4 years of his life. Dexter passes away. Bella does not know how to function without him in her life since he was a constant for 22 years. This is about Bella's journey through the stages of grieving noted in The Kubler Ross Model. 

Jaded switches from past to present, from different POVs seamlessly. How does Edward fit into this story you ask? Well he is going through his own struggles, which he is trying to work out. Then Bella falls into his life. I am not going give anything away, because you have to read it. You can read this in one sitting. You will not be disappointed, you will love all the characters even the OOC Dexter. Some people say I'm not in the mood for a sad, angsty story blah blah blah, but really who is ever in the mood for sad? Once you pop you won't stop and yeah it's sad but there is also joy.

Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl by withthevampsofcourse

Edward = Scotch, Jasper = Gin, and of course New Girl = Bella.

This is a classic FF. If you have not picked it up it yet, stop reading this and go read SG&NG stat. I am pretty sure everyone in the FF world had read this epic story. This was the second story that I read in my FF adventure, which made me read more and more and more and more stories… it's ridiculous. I will admit that this is the only FF that I have read twice.
This story reminds me of a combo of Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl. All the characters attend Forks Academy full of the rich. Bella Swan is the new girl; she has inherited Grandmas money and per Grandma's wishes, she is to attend FA.
Bella in this story is a badass, trendsetter, slut bag, witty chick that you can't help but to love. Then we have our regular characters
Edward, a Playboy with the hotness of Sebastian, the attitude of Chuck Bass. Girls want him, and he takes them and leaves them.
Emmett aka Biggie Smalls wanna-be, is just plain awesome, he had inspired the play list on this Blog (I see you bobbin your head, fuckers… don't lie).
Alice & Rose are bff's by default, Alice fucks the drummer of famous bands, she loves her rock stars, and Rose is the typical Bitch aka Blair Waldorf/Katherine.
Jasper. Oh Jasper Whitlock. My, oh my, what can I say about him except that he is my favorite Jasper in a the FF word to date. He is magically delicious and I want to hug him, hump him, and put him in my pocket for later. He is a White Trash wanna-be bad-ass GTO fedora pimpin' wife beater sportin' wallet chain wearing hottie! He walks around without a care in the world all-nonchalant. He owned me the second he came into the story, and owned me all over again when she dumped liquor in his Slurpee. He has befriended Bella, but loves Alice. Alice however loves her drummers, which Jasper is not.
So there is a Bet, there is drinking, smoking of the reefers, rap music, poker, Target shopping, knee high with Doc Martins, resisting and seducing. Let's not forget cat fights, races, bed talking, Vegas, more snark, parties, broken hearts, lake jumping, party crashing, piano playing, pervert plastic surgery dads who marry women a few years older than their son. Let's see there are drunk moms who hung out on the wrong side of the tracks, did I mention Vegas? Dress ripping and banging. Yep got some sweet lemons going on (which Mrs.Fiward suggests you listen the Closer by KOL while reading. Trust.).
If this don't have you running to the story by now then you be crazy. I rate this story in my top 10 favorite fics, and that's saying something cos I am a picky mofo!
So go read Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl and fall in love with these crazy characters. (Again)

TheRainGirl and her fic Inamorata

Hump Hump… Hump Hump… what's all the humping you ask? Well it's Hump Day in these here parts so we have decided that each week we will hump a new fic. A little bit of pimpage, if you will. So this week we are bangin' up against…

When Edward and Bella are, involved being a peeping Tom doesn't sound so sleazy.
Bella and Edward are next-door neighbors who have yet to meet. One day while Bella (super sexy Stripperella) is dancing in her bedroom and gives Edward (who I am affectionately calling Peeperward) something to look at.

The descriptions of how the events unfold in this story are fucking hilarious. All the reactions are so real and comedic that I want it to be made into a movie so I can watch it over and over again. The greatest part… it doesn't have to be put in a visual form because TRG makes you feel like you are right there watching it happen.

We are 6 chapters in, and I am told the pivotal part of the story is coming up, but maybe if we reviewreviewreview we can get TheRainGirl to keep this story going!!
And come on… who hasn't fantasized about Edward Cullen watching you through your bedroom window? ::raises hand proudly::

Hello and welcome to our first Wednesday Hump Day Pimp Day here on FFA. We told you that we would do everything to help you feed your FanFic addiction so here we go!
Today is special not because it's our first Pimp day, but the lovely stories we are pimping out like a Vegas hooker, is two of our very own, when I say very own I mean our TwiNestiesBesties. These ladies have amazing writing skills, and it's just exciting to get to read our friends work. Also we get to bug them first hand for updates, and sometimes get asked for input for the stories making us feel extra fuzzy! So with out further a do here is my Hump Day Pimpage:
This next story were Pimping is by our lovah TheRainGirl, Inamorata.

This story is IP but there are few chapters up, she updates pretty frequently. This is TheRainGirl's first fan fiction, and it is awesomely cute! So far the story has me laughing at these silly characters. Bella is Edwards's new next door neighbor and Peeperward can stop peeping out of window directly into her bedroom window. The funny thing Bella enjoys stripper pole aerobics to "help her with her coordination." Edward is going to loose his shit very soon. The characters a witty and cute so far, and I look forward to more of this story and the first time Edward & Bella really meet. I am already laughing at the inner thoughts of these two. Check out this story for some lolz especially after reading The Kubler Ross Model!

That's all from me! Robandi69 signing off. Peace Chuckers

P.S. Don't forget to watch my future 2nd husband (Rob) on Oprah next week; I am sure he will be yummy. And let's count how many times Butch, I mean KStew, gives Oprah the famous "Bitchface". I hope Oprah tells her "Oh no you didn't chald, you will answer my questions and you will like it." Sorry I get out of hand with my inner thoughts.
Go read these 2 fics Mrs.Ficward and I just told you about. Peace.


Here we are again. Talking the talk but not walking the walk because it would be wicked hard to walk and type at the same time.
Go forth and listen to our words, for they ring wise and true… I don't really know why I'm still typing right now.
It's been a long ass day.
Robandi69: and here we are again to chat about our most favoritest thing eva..EP!!!!
Mrs.Ficward: What's the word darlin?
Robandi69: Alec is ALIVE, Bella is ALIVE.....
Mrs.Ficward: Thank GAWD!
Mrs.Ficward: I was totes skerrd.
Mrs.Ficward: So... I fucking LOVE Isabella POV... jussoyaknow
Robandi69: Yes this chapter was very satisfing, I was afraid of her POV but it was good!!!
Mrs.Ficward: So the beginning of the chapter was so beautiful... when Isabella was remembering Edwards's word. He love her long time.
Robandi69: I know I wanted to hug her..I felt so bad for her and what those bastards did to her!
Mrs.Ficward: That was some fucked up shit. It's scary to think just a few hours later and she would have been dead.
Robandi69: Oh I know they drugged her up good!
Mrs.Ficward: Reason #10733809474048 not to do drugs.... and please to be not administering them if you iz not a doc.
Robandi69: Yeah that nurse was a vag nugget! Glad they busted a cap in her ass!
Mrs.Ficward: She was a douchenozzle.
Mrs.Ficward: I am really glad she was persistent and told Edward he needed to tell her EVERYTHING. No more keeping secrets.
Robandi69: Dear Eddiekins, you can't lie to Bella, tell her the truth fucker!
Mrs.Ficward: Fo realz!
Mrs.Ficward: Soooo... they're home... and Edward is not in school... and Daddy C is being like super awesome.
Robandi69: So it's been a few weeks, do you think this is the time jump?
Mrs.Ficward: I don't know... I believe this is supposed to end in 2009, if I am remembering correctly. By my estimation it's still 2006.
Robandi69: hummm good point my special EP expert.
Robandi69: Wonder if Edward will make it back to school
Mrs.Ficward: Doubtful... although I really don't know what "business" he is taking care of if he ain't gonna go back to school.
Robandi69: So Carlizzle's talk to Bella, I want to cry so that means it hurt my heart.....
Mrs.Ficward: I know what you mean, BB. I couldn't believe he opened up like that. Even gave her Elizabeth's diary... that is HUGE.
Robandi69: and it's for her to help herself to get along. So the big question here is:
Robandi69: Does Carlizzle think he is gonna be locked up (yes) But what I think is that he is going to take Aro down
Mrs.Ficward: This is what I love about EP... all my predictions are so fucking beyond wrong but I still LOVE thinking about it.
Robandi69: Yes I agree I love to be proven wrong and it's a nice surprise when I am
Mrs.Ficward: Maybe you're right and this is the jump... Edward will just be in the business and life will go on. Until Aro somehow becomes suspicious of who Izzy Bizzy really iz...zy
Robandi69: I mean Carlizzle was all "this is my last Christmas" and shit ::sad face::
Mrs.Ficward: Hmmm I'm not sure about that. If he hurts Aro he is signing a death certificate for his entire family.
Robandi69: Good point yet again, I didn't look at that side of things....
Mrs.Ficward: I say he goes to jail quietly. He will probably only get a few years.
Robandi69: Damn I have no fucking idea what is going to transpire!
Mrs.Ficward: I'm sure the charges are for weapons and drugs or some shit... not murder.
Mrs.Ficward: Me either. I want to know what happens to Edward and Isabella from this point forward. How does this change their relationship?
Robandi69: no not murder...hummm my ideas are pretty Dry. What about Edward & Bella so you see a HEA?
Robandi69: JINX!!!
Mrs.Ficward: LMAO!
Robandi69: I hope so I mean damn they been through ALLOT good and bad
Mrs.Ficward: I see a HEA... because I think Khar loves these two and wants them to be happy. They will only be truly happy if they're together.
Robandi69: OK good cos if not I will throw my computer and quit fanfic for​ybe
Mrs.Ficward: We haven't had an EP lemon if a fucking long ass time! Dear EP Gawds... Please let E&B get sum... Luff Me
Robandi69: Yes the mafia prince & princess needs to bang it out one more time....
Robandi69: or 7 more times...
Mrs.Ficward: They've never had makeup sex, have they?
Robandi69: no they haven't done it since BEOFRE Arizona right?
Mrs.Ficward: Shit! I think they were going in that direction when they got back but something interrupted them.
Mrs.Ficward: So that is our request... gimme some time jump and sexytimez. These two need to blow off some steam.
Robandi69: Yes we need some Happy please I know I am asking a lot, but Hot damn it's been Emo up in dis bitch
Robandi69: or Drop a Prozac in their drink shit
Mrs.Ficward: Totes agree. Maybe Edward can propose to Bella at Christmas or something. I know it's cliché but they need to reconnect.
Robandi69: awww that would be cute or maybe on V-day I know another cliché but it will be a year since she cashed her V card and he sang he that awesome song (18th Floor Balcony by Blue October get it NOW its and awesome song)
Robandi69: oh sorry I was reminiscing on the early days of EP
Mrs.Ficward: Well that's all I got. I have no motherfucking clue where this is headed... but I want an E&B lemon fo sho. Pwease
Mrs.Ficward: We are totes doing a reread at some point... clear your schedule.
Robandi69: Yeah give is some smeaxy time and some happy xoxo love me!
Mrs.Ficward: Until next time... fuckers ;-)
Robandi69: Peace out mother chuckers!