First Annual Fucktastic Fic Awards!

Because we read SO much fanfiction and are constantly asking each other “who’s your favorite Edward.…?” Or saying “This story is in my top 5 all time fav’s!” we decided we want to know what the rest of you are thinking.

Below you will find our snazzy categories. So tell us what’s yo fancy, baby.

Here’s how it works:

Ø Copy and past this list into an email and give use ONE nomination per category.
Ø You can give us nominees for all of the categories, or just a few.
Ø ALL nominated stories must meet the requirement of their category.
Ø The story must have been updated in 2010, and cannot be an EPIC fic.
Ø Any couplings are allowed (E/B – Em/R – Em/B – E/A etc…)
Ø EPIC fics may have
o   Been posting for more than one year
o   More than 50 chapters
o   Over 5k reviews
o   Currently be complete or IP.
Ø Top 5 cumulative nominees received by November 17th at midnight will go into the finals.
Ø Forward to
Ø Please no smear campaigns… this shit is supposed to be fun so don’t fuck it up!

Get it…? Got it…? Good!

On to the categories…
* All time EPIC fic -
* Fic that you drop everything for –
* Fic Comedy -
* Fic you clicked on simply for the title itself –
* Most Lemony goodness –
* Favorite Slash –
* Favorite Bella –
* Favorite Edward –
            * Teenward -
            * Tattward -
            * Emoward -
            * Doucheward -
            * Malewhoreward -
            * Daddyward –
* Favorite High School fic –
* Favorite College fic -
* Made you bawl your fucking eyes out –
* Breakup that stuck your heart in a blender –
* Best Proposal (All Couplings) -
* Fic that could have been SEVERAL chapters shorter –
* Fic that made you want to, or actually, throw your computer –
* Author you want to be besties with –
* Most consistently updated story –
* Character that you want to punch in the face (please name character and fic it came from) –
* Best One Shot –
* Best playlist –
* Favorite fic with UNDER 500 reviews –
* Fic that fell off the face of the planet (IP) –
* Plot with the most fuckery –
* Fic you want made into a movie (EPIC fic are eligible) –
* Fic you will never forget (EPIC fics are eligible) –
* Fic you would love to see published (EPIC fics are eligible) –
* Fic you wish had a sequel (EPIC fics are eligible, must currently be complete) –
* Write-In (something you believe we haven’t covered in the categories above) –

Don’t forget to get those nominees in by November 17th. Voting will begin November 27th.

Robandi - Mrs.Ficward

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